I live on the edge of the English Lake District and became interested in photography after adopting a Miniature Schnauzer back in 2011.  Taking him out, especially early in the mornings, I saw all sorts of wildlife I wanted to capture so I bought a third-hand Olympus E-450 with a single kit lens off Ebay.  Despite knowing absolutely nothing about photography I thought if I bought a ‘proper’ camera I’d take fantastic pictures like the ones I’d seen on Flickr and Instagram, but it turned out to not be quite that simple 😉  It took me a month to figure out how to focus, a year before I made sense of the Manual and at times I wanted to bin the ‘proper’ camera and buy a point ‘n shoot from Argos, but eventually I figured out how to take a picture with it and my love affair with photography began!

Within 5 years I’d gone from a self-taught beginner to a Photographic Alliance of Great Britain ‘Master of Print’ and had my work exhibited in a Gallery in London.  I’ve been on the cover of the PAGB news, included in a PAGB ‘Once Seen Never Forgotten’ retrospective, been featured in the Photographic Society of America’s journal and in 2019 I was touted as one of the highlights of the London Photo Show.  I also teach a beginner’s photography class, passing on all I’ve learned, give talks to Camera Clubs in my area, am a regular gold medal winner in International Photography Salons and now have my work exhibited around the world.  Along the way I’ve earned four photographic distinctions and treated myself to a brand new Olympus EM-1 MkII camera 🙂  It’s been an amazing journey.

Initially my passion was wildlife but the novelty of spending hours outdoors in the long, cold, rainy Cumbrian winters soon wore off, so I set up a ‘studio’ with some cheap lighting gear in the tiny spare bedroom of my cottage and started taking portraits and selfies in the warm and the dry!  I then became interested in composite and creative fine art pictures which is where I found my niche.

The question I’m most often asked is where I find the ideas for my creative images and the answer is simple – the world is limitlessly inspiring!  Seeds are planted from conversations, TV programmes, politics, books, nature, personal experiences and most often simple walks with my beloved dog…….just about anything can end up being used in my photography.  In particular I love to use girls & women in my images and to celebrate their femininity even if the subject matter is disturbing.

If you would like to buy any image you see on my site, either unmounted, mounted or framed, please click the Contact button and I can provide options and prices.



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