Pheasant Shoot

The Spoils

Making Tender

Series Statement

Living in the countryside, I often sit in the quiet of the evening listening to the pop of guns as landowners have “fun” shooting the local wildlife. It wounds my soul to think about beautiful, defenceless creatures going about their lives and suddenly finding themselves mortally wounded, often leaving young behind to starve to death. How would we humans feel if the tables were turned?

Fine Art Photography Awards nominee 2022

Solitary Confinement series

Bug Under Glass
Life Behind Bars
A Dog’s Life
Living in a Goldfish Bowl

Series Statement

We keep pets so that we will have companionship, but in order to assuage our own loneliness we condemn most pets to a life of solitary confinement.  We remove them from their families, peers and natural communities.  Take away any interaction with members of their own species, or force them to live with members of a different species or tribe.  Imprison them in tiny, cramped, artificial environments and deny any form of natural expression.  We break their spirits and impose our human will and we call this “love”.  I wonder if we ever consider life through their eyes?

Fine Art Photography Awards nominee 2021