29th FIAP Colour Biennial

I was absolutely gobsmacked, but thrilled, to be informed today by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain that my image ‘Ophelia’ has been chosen to represent the UK in the 29th FIAP Colour Biennial.

According to the FIAP website, “Biennials are one of the most important events offered by FIAP. They are organized every two years in a different member country. Even years for Black and White and Nature Biennials, odd years for the Colour Biennial. 

Biennials have a very particular characteristic, different from the international contests. It is not only the quality of the individual work that counts, FIAP ask for coherent collections from member states looking at both inspiration and conception as well as execution and presentation.

The collection obtaining the highest score wins the World Cup. Individual prizes are also awarded to the best works regardless of the classification by federations.”

When the call for entries went out by the PAGB, a photography friend encouraged me to send in some images for consideration. It’s a competition I’d never even dreamt of entering before as I thought the standard for a World Cup would be far in advance of anything I could produce. Just goes to show you should always have a bash, even if you think your chances are slim to none!

Judging of the 29th FIAP Colour Biennial will take place in France and the results are expected in April. I only hope my picture does Great Britain proud and I don’t let the team down.

If I’d known that blobbing about in a kids padding pool in my back yard would turn out so well I’d have done it sooner, even though it gave me hypothermia 😁.


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