IPA 2022

I never quite know how to start posts like this, because it always feels big headed to be blowing my own trumpet. However, I am so excited I wanted to share my news with you all.

For the second year running I have been awarded in the International Photography Awards – my jaw is still on the floor 😲.

The mission of the IPA, according to their website, is to “salute the achievements of the world’s finest photographers, to discover new and emerging talent and to promote the appreciation of photography”. It’s one of the most prestigious photo competitions in the world and covered by the likes of the New York Times, the BBC, Forbes, the Sydney Morning Herald and Vogue.

There are 2 entry levels: amateur and professional. For most competitions I’m classed as an amateur as I don’t make more than half of my income from my photography, however the rules for the IPA are different and if you belong to a photography organisation or regularly post your images online (website or social media) you should declare as a professional. To be honest, the fact I’m competing with the “big guns” makes being awarded that bit more special………and bonkers!

A friend also pointed out that I’m disabled and competing with able bodied photographers, I’m on a low income so really struggle to afford even second hand photography gear and alongside my hobby I have been a full time carer for the past 3 years, so trying to find the energy and time to take any photographs has been a challenge in itself. So I’m giving myself a pat on the back for overcoming those obstacles.

There are lots of categories to enter in the IPA and I struggled to chose the best fit for my pictures. In the end, I made three entries and all three made it through to the final judging round:

  • Trio of Tulips in the Fine Art – Still Life category.
  • Time’s Up on Silence in the People – Self Portrait category.
  • The series Surviving Chronic Illness in the Fine Art – Collage category.

If you click each image it will take you to my entry on the IPA website.

Trio of Tulips
Time’s Up On Silence
Blind Faith

Time’s Up On Silence and my series ‘Surviving Chronic Illness’ which includes the image Blind Faith then went on to receive Honourable Mentions 😲. I’m chuffed to bits that Times Up on Silence has been recognized. It is the most personal and dear to my heart of any of my pictures to date. I’m also tickled pink that my series on Surviving Chronic Illness has touched the judges as the subject matter is also very personal and the techniques I used in the photos in the series were completely new to me.

The overall winners were announced on 15th September and didn’t include me, but I feel I’ve won just by being awarded! The cash of actually winning would have come in handy but, I’m not gonna lie 😆.

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